Seven skimming tricks with examples.-IELTS

Skimming is the technique of reading the provided text rapidly and getting a general overview of the passage. This helps the reader to get a basic idea of the things that the passage consists of.‍
Seven tips-
  • Help your skimming with a pencil. Your eye is trained to skim as a result.
  • From left to right, skim each sentence. 
  • Skim from left to right, then from right to left, and so on when you feel confident. 
  • To force your eye to swiftly scan the information on either side, drag a pencil vertically down into the centre of the text. 
  • Cross-read the text from top left to bottom right. You could also move rearward in a vertical or diagonal direction. 
  • Navigate the text in various directions. then occasionally pause to read 
  • Skim the ends of sentences. There are two types of information in a sentence: fresh information and information that relates to the previous sentence. In general, references appear at the start and new ideas at the end. Don’t forget to skim the end of the sentence.


A boy was walking down the street. The boy bought a newspaper. The boy…

You should not get trapped in reading unnecessary details and focus on important points.


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