Yes/No/Not given Questions-IELTS

The Yes, No, Not Given is a type of task included in the IELTS Academic Reading section. Candidates are required to identify whether the writer's claims o...

There are many Yes, No, and Not Given questions in the IELTS Reading test. You're likely to encounter one of these or a question that is quite similar but a True/False/Not Given. Here is a brief explanation of the differences between the two because it's crucial that you comprehend them.


You will be given a text and a set of statements for questions with the options Yes/No/Not Given. Choose which of the following statements best describes the details in each one. 

It supports the writer's opinions - YES (Y) It contradicts or differs from the writer's opinions - NO (N) It is hard to determine the writer's point of view - NOT GIVEN (NG)


Therefore, you must take two actions: 

1) Recognize the details in the statements. 

2) Determine whether it supports the information in the text (Yes), contradicts it (No), or is not provided (Not Given).


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