A report on a research study

Learn how to write a report on a research study for your company.

A report is a research study that is conducted in order to provide information on a particular subject. Reports are often used in a business setting in order to make decisions about a company or project. Reports can be short or long, and they often include data and analysis.

Report on staff engagement at Girox Foods


Our company, Girox Foods, experiences an annual staff turnover rate of roughly 12%. Even though this might not appear to be much, the industry average is 7%. Investigating the root reasons of employee engagement inside the company and making recommendations to enhance employee satisfaction with the workplace and boost retention are the main goals of this research.

Research methods

Over 500 Girox Foods workers participated in this study between March and August 2018 in order to better understand their experiences and expectations at work. The survey covered the 80 Girox Foods locations spread over 20 different nations in Europe. In addition to the 500 questionnaires that Girox employees completed, 120 people took part in ten different focus groups where they talked about their engagement levels with Girox and their expectations for the future.

Key research findings

  • 35 percent of respondents cited having too many hours to work and a lack of challenging job as the two biggest causes of employee disengagement (34 per cent).
  • 43 percent of respondents to the poll cited a lack of recognition as the main cause of people leaving their positions, while 31 percent cited poor management.
  • Salary levels and employee engagement levels did not correlate.
  • If people had greater ownership over their work, 47% said their levels of engagement would increase. More flexibility in terms of working hours and locations was desired by 45% of respondents. 42% of respondents wanted to see the business invest more in employees' professional advancement.
  • 59 per cent felt that their commitment to the company would improve if they were given training opportunities to improve their business skills. 64 percent rated social and cross-cultural intelligence as the most important skill needed in the workplace.
  • 41 per cent of respondents felt that there should be increased transparency in company communications, as this would lead to increased trust and more informed decision making.


We advise Girox Foods to adopt a more people-oriented management style in light of these findings. As part of this, we should look into methods to provide our staff more flexible work schedules and think about ways to let them work from wherever they want. Managers need to think of different approaches to push their workers and give them more encouragement and credit for the work they perform. Increased professional development spending, particularly in the area of social and intercultural communication, may also help to foster an environment where workers can do their best work.

  • Organize your report in sections and give each section a heading.
  • The wording of the headings may differ. For example, you could title the third section Findings or Main findings. However, the structure of all reports is generally the same:
  • a description of the background situation and purpose of the report
  • details of how the study was conducted
  • the main findings
  • recommendations based on those findings.
  • State practical details such as where the research was conducted, how many people participated and which methods were used (questionnaires, focus groups, interviews, etc.).
  • Use bullet points where appropriate to present points clearly.
  • Provide statistics or evidence to back up your claims.
  • Use an impersonal style of writing in order to sound objective. Using the passive voice helps to do this. Avoid using the pronoun I (but we are sometimes used).
  • Support your recommendations by explaining the benefits they would bring. Alternatively, warn what may happen if the recommendations are not implemented.