How to create your own juxtapositions

Not opposite, but near to, next to. In other words, to notice when things are in juxtaposition is to notice things side by side, with the outcome being that specific qualities are contrasted.

Utilizing juxtaposition might help you make a point more forcefully when you want to. 

The measures you can take to include juxtaposition into your business writing are as follows:

1) Identify your thesis or primary points.

2) Consider potential contrasts or alternatives that you could utilize to highlight those points.

3) When evaluating each choice in light of your thesis, take into account any potential ramifications.

4) Include the contrast that best demonstrates the point you want to make.

Here's how that might transpire in actuality: 

Consider the scenario where you are creating a proposal for a new series at your place of employment in the media. Your proposal's key thesis can be that the business needs to make more investments in video content.

The issue could be stated utilizing a juxtaposition: “We aren’t targeting our core demographic, Gen Zers, with videos. Our site is mostly seeing engagement from Gen Xers and Millennials who gravitate to podcasts.”