What is creative writing?

it's writing without the constraints that come with other kinds of writing like persuasive or expository.

As its name implies, creative writing is a type of writing that transcends the conventional boundaries of formal, academic, professional, or technical writing.

Instead, it includes a variety of diverse genres and writing techniques from both the fiction and non-fiction writing professions, including storytelling, playwriting, poetry, prose, journalism, and more.

In general, any form of writing that is original and self-expressive can be termed creative writing, despite the definition's sometimes hazy nature. It is often distinguished by a concentration on narrative craft, which emphasises components like character development, narrative, and storyline while also infusing its framework with creativity, originality, and tale.


Creative writing comes in many forms, encompassing a number of genres and styles. There are lots of different types of creative writing, which can be categorised as fiction or non-fiction. Some of the most popular being:

  • Biographies 
  • Fiction: novels, novellas, short stories, etc. 
  • Speeches
  • Poetry and spoken word
  • Playwriting/scriptwriting
  • Personal essays
  • Speeches


It's crucial to remember that there is no set definition of what it means to write a "good" work of creative nonfiction. Creative writing is an inventive process that is developed by the individual with all of their idiosyncrasies and peculiarities, as the term indicates.

There will never be a general description to define the "ideal" work of creative writing because it doesn't fit into any certain genre. Consider a Gothic short tale and then contrast its elements with those of a famous Romantic poetry; the two are so drastically different that comparing them would not be unfair.

To make your creative writing as powerful as it can be, there are a few broad guidelines that you may adhere to. You can also download our app from the playstore or visit our website.