What to leave out of your wedding toast

*Do not toast yourself. If you are being toasted, just sit there, and afterward, say thank you. Don't even put your hand on your glass, much less drink. *Do not clink glasses, especially if there are more than four people involved

A memorable wedding toast can be anything from unnecessarily lengthy and drawn out to funny and light-hearted. Everyone has experienced listening to a toast that is disjointed, uncomfortable, or just not connecting. But we've also all heard sincere, individual speeches that offer a fascinating view into the lives of persons being honoured.

Once everyone is seated for dinner, it's customary for the wedding hosts, best man, and maid of honour to make brief toasts. On occasion, the groom will address his bride and the guests during the reception with a brief speech.

What to leave out of your wedding toast:

A few "don'ts" should be avoided while you plan and rehearse your sincere toast. These elements can devalue your discourse and give you an offensive or improper appearance.

There just isn't any space in your toast to bring up the couple's ex-partners. On the day of their wedding, none of them wishes to consider their future spouse's ex-partners.

It's not about you: Your speech should be on the couple who just got married and their relationship. Do not focus on your role or presence in a narrative or recollection you are recalling, even if you were a part of it. It's acceptable to provide a quick introduction, but avoid making the toast about you.

Don’t rely on liquid courage: Too much alcohol can derail a toast and threaten to make the moment about you and your gaffs rather than the couple. Better to be a little nervous than over-imbibe. 

Avoid swearing: Even if you’re known for being funny or crass, leave out the swear words. The audience might have kids whose parents won’t appreciate the language or sensitive attendees who are bothered by bad words. Plus, it’ll make your toast seem less formal and could cheapen the rest of what you say.


Remember that brief is better, so keep it under five minutes, and don’t forget to toast the couple at the end of the speech! Once everyone has raised their glasses, you can rest assured that you’ve delivered a memorable toast.  You can also download our app from the playstore or visit our website.