How to write an obituary in 4 step -CEFR

It is never easy to write an obituary, but it is a necessary task when a loved one passes away. Here are four steps to help you write an obituary:

1. Gather information. You will need to gather basic information about the deceased, such as their name, date of birth and death, and place of residence. You will also need to gather information about their family, including spouse and children.

2. Write the obituary. Start with the basic information and then add a few sentences about the deceased's life. You can include their hobbies, favorite activities, or anything else that would give readers a sense of who they were.

3. Include a photo. A photo of the deceased is a nice way to personalize the obituary.

4. Submit the obituary. Once you have written the obituary, you will need to submit it to the local newspaper or online obituary site.

Writing an obituary can be a difficult task, but following these four steps will help you to write a memorable and tribute to your loved one.