Tricks for a successful CTA

Online, above the fold, is the content that displays on a site without requiring the visitor to scroll. Once again, the idea is that this content gets the most attention. The best practice states that your call to action must be above the fold because visitors do not typically scroll beyond the fold. Call to action color needs to stand out the most on the page. There are numerous experiments and opinions, and normally CTAs tend to be red and sometimes green, blue or orange. They are usually the most eye-catching colors, but the whole context is equally substantial.
  • How then do you grab your audience's interest, arouse their curiosity, and convince them to buy what you're selling?
  • Here are some pointers to help you write in a style that appeals to your target audience by thinking as they do.

  1. Determine what the audience wants. What would compel them to click on your advertisement or even glance at your material in the first place?
  2. Link your CTA to achieving those goals. Create a message for them by speaking to their needs.
  3. Use words that get you excited. Find your dream home today, not "Take a tour of our property." 
  4. Join the millions of people trying to defend our furry friends instead of saying "Pitch in to stop cruelty to animals."