An application form-CEFR

Learn how to fill in an application form.

Are you a beginner (CEFR level A1) English learner? This section provides writing practice to assist you in writing short, simple texts about well-known topics and filling out forms. Messages, emails, and forms are examples of texts. 

How to write?

By reading this article you will come to know how to write an application form in CEFR A1 writing.

1. Except for your email address and signature, it's best to write in capital letters to make it easier to read. 

2. In the United Kingdom, dates are usually written as DD/MM/YYYY (day-month-year). So, for September 1, 2018, you type 01/09/2018. In the United States, the format is MM/DD/YYYYY, so you would write 09/01/2018. 

3. Don't be concerned if you don't understand every word on the form. You probably have an idea of what information you need to write. If necessary, seek assistance from others.


First name


last name



station road, lucknow

date of birth



GL 1 3ZE




I declare the information provided is correct.

Signature Mike Esposa-Hernandez

Date 03/07/2018

Your checklist

Have you got everything you need?

[ ✔ ] a passport photo

[ ✔ ] copy of the passport or other photo ID

[ ✔ ] proof of address


Each lesson includes a model text with writing tips, and tasks to test your understanding and practise various writing skills. Begin right away. Hope that this article helped you and for more information on relevant topics you can visit the SpeakoClub website and can learn and explore more about English speaking and writing.