An email to invite someone to a job interview-CEFR

Learn how to write an email to invite someone to a job interview.

Are you a CEFR level B1 intermediate English learner? This section provides writing exercises to help you create short, coherent texts about known subjects that you find interesting. Forum posts, reviews, messages, brief articles, and emails are examples of texts.

How to write?
  • Don't forget to thank the applicant for their application in your email. 
  • Don't forget to mention the position for which the interview is being conducted as well as the topics that will be covered. 
  • When the interview is scheduled to occur. 
  • Who to ask for when they arrive, who will be doing the interview, and who to contact if there are any issues. 
  • the location of the interview. 
  • the duration of the interview. 
  • IDs (proofs of identity), references, etc. should be brought. 
  • Put the day of the week in words, like Thursday, April 3. Don't write the date in numerals; for instance, 3 April may be written as 3/4 in certain nations and 4/3 in others. 
  • You can close the message with a standard statement like We are excited to meet and/or hear from you.


From: Maja Jakobsson, HR Officer

To: Sanjay Chaudhary 

Subject: Invitation to interview at Purple Cloud

Dear Mr Chaudhary,

We appreciate your interest in the software engineer opportunity at Purple Cloud. We would love to have you come in for an interview at our office in Stockholm. 

The time of your interview is Thursday, April 3, at 2 p.m. If you find that this time or date conflicts with your schedule, please get in touch with me right once to reschedule the interview. 

You will meet our head of HR, Mr. Liam Adersson, and our head of IT, Mrs. Elsa Wallin, at the interview. They will be getting to know you better and explaining more about the position to you. Additionally, you will get the chance to tour the office and ask questions about the job and the business. About 60 minutes will pass throughout the interview. Bring two references, please.

Best regards,

Maja Jacobsson

HR Officer


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