What are the rules for writing a news article?-CEFR

The basics of news writing apply whether you're studying how to create a brief news article for a school project or wish to include a range of clips in your writing portfolio.

Three categories of news articles exist:

Local: information about recent occurrences in a particular region or neighborhood. For instance, College football team welcomes boys from California

National: information about the most recent events in a specific nation. "NASA's James Webb telescope captures surreal images of the cosmos," 

Reports on societal problems or current events in one or more foreign nations are considered international. "India’s record heat wave is expected to continue next week," for instance.

No matter what kind of news piece you're writing, it should always contain the story's facts, a compelling yet informative title, a paragraphed account of what happened, and quotations from experts or the general public from interviews. News articles are often written in the third person and steer clear of opinion, speculative language, and a casual tone.