How to follow Chicago format

To write a paper in Chicago style, you follow the formatting guidelines laid out by the Chicago Manual of Style. This means you include 1-inch margins on all sides, double space, use justified left text, and indent new paragraphs. Chicago style also recommends the use of Times New Roman 12 pt. font.

Following are the steps:

  • The Author-Date system and the Notes-Bibliography system are the two citation forms used by CMOS. Both are suitable for a CMOS-formatted paper, although your teacher might insist that you use one over the other.

  • The titles of the CMOS bibliography page are "Bibliography" for Notes-Bibliography citations and "References" for Author-Date citations.

  • No title page is necessary.

If a title page is used, it should not have a header or page number. Halfway down the page, type the paper's title. On separate lines, center your name, course number, course title, and submission date.

If there isn't a title page, put your name and the title of the paper on the first page.

  • There should be a margin of one to 1.5 inches all the way around each page.

  • The top right or bottom center of each page, excluding the title page, should have a page number. Maintain consistency with your choice of placement throughout the entire paper.

  • Double spacing is required for the essay.

  • A 12 inch indent should be used for each new paragraph.

  • Although a particular font or size is not required, 12-point Times New Roman is advised.

  • The title page "counts" as page 1 even if it doesn't have a page number. In other words, the first page of your document should be labeled "Page 2."

  • Block quotes are used to format quotations that are five lines long or longer. Without using quote marks, indent these by an additional 12 inch. before, add a line break.

  • All headings are formatted in headline case (Capitalize Every Major Word of the Heading), rather than sentence case (Capitalize only the first word of the heading).