A1 writing level by CEFR : Part 1

English level A1 is the first level of English on the CEFR scale. In everyday speech, the A1 level is called “beginner”. Find out if you're at level A1 in English.

Are you a beginner (CEFR level A1) English learner? This section provides writing practice to assist you in writing short, simple texts about well-known topics and filling out forms. Messages, emails, and forms are examples of texts. 

How to say?

Learn how to send a text message informing a friend that you will be late.

1. Text messages do not require you to write complete sentences. 

2. To save time writing, use abbreviations such as LMK (= let me know) or emojis. 

3. Full stops (.) are not required at the end of messages. 

4. State how many minutes you believe you will require, for example, "I'm running 10 minutes late." 

5. It's fine to apologise and apologize again, but you don't have to apologize in every message.

Discussion- Are you usually late? How many minutes is late from your perspective?

Well! five to ten minutes can be considered as late.


-I'm running 10 mins late, sorry!


-No problem!


-Aargh! Traffic is really bad. I'll be more than 10 mins late now, sorry again!!


-It's OK, don't worry. I'm at the cafe already so it's fine


-This is not my day! I'm here but can't find a place to park. I'm looking for a different car park. Not sure how long I'll be


-OK, LMK when you find a place


-I might get something to eat tho


-Of course! I'll be there as quick as possible




-Found one! Be there in 10 mins


-Well done! See you soon


-Thx for waiting



Each lesson includes a preparation task, a model text with writing tips, and three tasks to test your understanding and practise various writing skills. Begin right away.