What to avoid in a eulogy

Since a eulogy is meant to commemorate the life of your loved one, it’s best to avoid sharing off-color details that might be perceived as negative or embarrassing toward the departed’s character.

This includes commentary that is disrespectful, private, or offensive. It might feel like a huge duty to summarise someone's life in just a few lines. A few crucial components might help make your eulogy memorable if you have been asked to deliver one.

A powerful eulogy highlights the deceased's personality via narrative in addition to sharing their life's accomplishments and influences. A carefully chosen personal narrative might serve as a touching reminder of your loved one's qualities that the audience can remember with nostalgia.

Topics to avoid

  1. The reason for their death

  1. Trivializing their death

  1. Family grudges and disagreements

  1. Unhealthy habits

  1. Criminal history and other legal issues

  1. Triggering memories

  1. Criticisms about their life choices

  1. Unresolved arguments

  1. Their faults

Ultimately, when writing a eulogy, it’s helpful to refer back to an old adage as a guiding principle: “Don’t speak ill of the dead.” When writing a eulogy for someone you didn’t particularly like or know well, gather one or two positive memories or generic attributes and stick to the facts. You can also keep the eulogy brief by sharing a broad overview of their life and reciting a poem or passage instead of sharing a personal story. 


If your relationship with the deceased wasn’t positive, and you’re struggling to write their eulogy, consider respectfully declining the opportunity. It's possible that you may be speaking in front of a large audience. However, nobody is evaluating your speech or passing judgement on you. They are only listening, enjoying, and reflecting on their own relationship with the departed. However, writing everything down might be useful if you want to feel more assured when delivering your lines. After all, we all encounter moments of anxiousness while performing. You can also download our app from the playstore or visit our website.