6 examples of skillful résumé-gap responses

It took a while to recover, but now that I'm ready to return to work, I've been focused on finding a company that values X. [Company name] caught my eye when I learned that Y. 2 You changed your career: After [reason/event], I discovered I wanted to change my career path
  1. You had COVID-19: Regrettably, I contracted COVID in the initial wave. I needed some time to heal, but now that I'm prepared to go back to work, I've been concentrating on finding an organization that values X. I saw [Company name] when I discovered that Y.

  1. You changed your career: I realized I wanted to change my career after [reason/event]. I took time away from work to advance my understanding of the field by reading Y and performing Z, knowing that it would need X.

  1. You required a rest: I occasionally took time off from work. I did X, Y, and Z in preparation for my return to the workforce.

  1. You took a break from being a parent: I spent that time concentrating on growing my child. You will undoubtedly learn how to multitask effectively while paying attention to the details from this experience. I'm eager to return to X job/industry now that they have returned to school or graduated.

  1. You were fired: I spent time acquiring [new talent] after working at [business name]. As an illustration, I completed [course] and received my X certificate.

  1. You have family responsibilities: At that time, a family matter needed my undivided attention. Despite being unable to work, I continued to follow X industry through Y and Z.