How to Write an Obituary?

An obituary is written so that you may share the sad news that a loved one has passed away. Writing an obituary can be challenging. Follow this step-by-step guide to writing a meaningful and respectful obituary, with examples.

Details on the viewing, memorial service, funeral, and any burial arrangements will be sought after by family, friends, former coworkers, and the community.

A overview of the life and legacy of your loved one, as well as a mention of the remaining family members, may also be included. A reason of death and a desire for any gifts to a community or health-related organisation may occasionally be included.

Planning to write

As you plan your loved one's obituary (or your own), first check with the funeral home or similar service that's handling end-of-life arrangements. You also may connect with clergy members who provide pastoral care in your loved one's faith tradition. These agencies will often help people who need to write an obituary. They may have a guide for obituary writing that's part of a planning overview. They also may have an online platform where you can place a digital obituary, and invite people to share memories, images, and videos. Some are free, so check with the service provider. With newspapers, call ahead to check on the rates. Expect a charge of $200 to $500 for a "short" obit (often up to 300 words) and up to $1,000 for a "long" one with a photo. With these details, you'll know how to plan the length of the obituary ahead of time, or you'll be able to make adjustments that align with your loved one's and family wishes in the space that you'll have.


You'll begin with a straightforward death announcement that explains categorically that your loved one has died away. Include the deceased person's name, age, hometown, and death date. Along with the date and location of death, you may also include if the death was unexpected or whether it followed a protracted illness. You may be more descriptive about the location if you'd like, or you can just mention that they were surrounded by relatives. You can also download our app from the playstore or visit our website.