You can rehearse for an interview at home by yourself or with a friend or family member. There are simple ways to practice including, using flash cards, dressing in interview clothes to practice, and recording yourself interviewing, then playing it back to see how you did.

What and why are you studying?

Employers frequently utilize this straightforward inquiry, which focuses on your academic career, to discover a candidate's future goals. Be sure to mention why you like studying that subject, what inspired your studies, and how your chosen subject relates to your work in your response.

Answer: I am enthusiastic about information and how people consume it, so I am studying journalism. My final thesis was on news bias in social media, and I feel that my academic accomplishments in this area demonstrate both my skills as a journalist and my familiarity with current social trends.

What motivated you to apply for an internship at our business?

Employers primarily use this question to determine whether students are seriously considering the internship at their business or whether they are simply looking for any internship. Make sure to express your interest in the position and your company knowledge.

Answer: The company's extraordinary expertise in its industry and its ongoing technical advancement are two reasons why I am passionate about working for Google. I am a devoted Google user, so joining a business that is growing so quickly excites me.

What are your learning objectives for your internship?

Although the purpose of this question is to ascertain your expectations for the position, you have a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate your excitement. You can demonstrate to your employer how serious you are about working for them by being more enthusiastic and wanting more out of the internship.

Answer: I hope to use my internship to put the knowledge I've acquired in class, together with the responsibility and leadership I've shown, to gain a deeper understanding of how a marketing department actually operates. I think that this internship will provide me the chance to leverage my academic strengths to help me build the professional skills I need to succeed.