Plagiarism is when you use someone else's words or ideas and present them as your own. Learn why it’s important to know what plagiarism is, the different types, and how to utilize plagiarism checker tools to protect your work.

A kind of intellectual theft is plagiarism. From purposeful cheating to unintentional copying from a source without attribution, plagiarism can take many different forms. Consequently, you must give credit where credit is due if you utilise someone else's words or ideas in your work.

Why should plagiarism be avoided?

In general, an act of academic misconduct is any behaviour that could provide a student with an unauthorised academic advantage; as such, it is unacceptable in the scholarly community. Plagiarism, exam cheating, collusion, and the fabrication of findings or data are the most prevalent types of academic misconduct. However, it might be anything that offers you an unfair edge during a review.

Plagiarism cases will be handled first by the school, and they may impose sanctions like awarding you a zero for the assignment in question. For significant or persistent offences, the University's Academic Misconduct Committee has the authority to impose a variety of sanctions, including discontinuing your course.

Most of the time, plagiarism is not prohibited in the United States. Instead, it is seen as a breach of honour or ethical standards and may lead to disciplinary action from a person's school or place of employment. However, if plagiarism violates the copyright, patent, or trademark of the original author, legal action may be necessary. If plagiarism violates a contract that specifies that only original work is permitted, it may potentially lead to legal action.


A person should always correctly credit any material they utilise to the original author using quotations or citations in order to avoid plagiarism. To further verify that a person's work is original, there are several free online plagiarism checkers available, including Grammarly, Duplichecker, and Quetext. You can also download our app from the playstore or visit our website.