How to write a news article?

Writing a news piece requires different strategies than writing an academic paper.

You must understand the distinction whether you want to write for a school newspaper, complete a writing assignment for a class, or search for a journalism writing employment. Take into account this advice on how to write a news story if you want to write like a genuine reporter.

Choose the topic

Prior to writing, you must choose a topic. While an editor or teacher may occasionally offer you homework, you'll frequently need to come up with your own things to write about.

If you get to select your subject, you might be able to choose one that is based on your own life or family history, which would provide you with a solid framework and some perspective. This approach, however, requires that you make an effort to prevent bias because your conclusions may be impacted by your strong beliefs. A theme centred on a particular passion, such as your preferred sport, is another option.

Even if you want to write about something you are passionate about, you need start by doing research on the issue by reading books and articles that will help you fully comprehend it. Visit your local library to research the people, companies, and events you want to write about.


Interview a few individuals next to get more data and quotations that offer different viewpoints on the subject. Don't be scared by the prospect of speaking with significant or notable figures; an interview may be as professional or casual as you like, so unwind and enjoy yourself. Find people who have experience with the subject and strong opinions, then accurately write down or record their comments. Make it known to the interviewees that you will be  quoting them. You can also download our app from the playstore or visit our website.