Three types of satire

There are three main types of satirical writing: Horatian satire. Juvenalian satire. Menippean satire.

Satire is a style of the visual, literary, and acting arts, typically withinside the shape of fiction and much less regularly non-fiction, wherein vices, follies, abuses, and shortcomings are held as much as ridicule, frequently with the rationale of shaming or exposing the perceived flaws of individuals, corporations, government, or society itself into improvement. Although satire is typically supposed to be humorous, its extra reason is frequently optimistic social criticism, the use of wit to attract interest to each unique and wider problems in society.

Types of Satire-

There are 3 major kinds of satirical writing:

  1. Horatian satire
  2. Juvenalian satire
  3. Menippean satire

Horatian Satire

Horace wrote, "A cultivated wit, one which badgers much less, can convince all of the greater. Artful ridicule can cope with contentious problems greater safely and vigorously than can severity alone." As this quote shows, Horatian satire is much less sharp and cruel, greater clever, mild mockery, and intelligently witty, than different sorts, and focuses greater on human conduct and its paradoxes. Examples of Horatian satire are Jonathan Swift's novel Gulliver's Travels, wherein parodies of not unusual place behaviors seem in Swift's wonderful creatures, and Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice, which cleverly and lightly mocks society manners, specifically the ones dictating courtship and marriage in her time.

Juvenalian Satire

Juvenalian satire is sharper, greater irritated and direct, the usage of irony, non-public invective, and sarcasm to goal social conventions and mindsets. It usually indicates anger and resentfulness approximately a selected issue. Juvenal posted 16 poems criticizing the wealthy and effective and numerous factors of Roman life, and his fashion of satire stimulated writers nicely into the 20 th century. An instance of Juvenalian satire is Swift's A Modest Proposal, wherein shows feeding the toddlers of the terrible to the wealthy, hanging the reader with an instantaneous cruelty that Swift believed paralleled the actual attitudes of the wealthy and effective in the direction of the terrible and vulnerable.

Menippean Satire

All of Menippus' writings had been lost, and what is thought comes from secondary reassets that reference them. He changed into an eager and funny critic of a number of the kinds of philosophy in his day. Menippean satire, focuses much less on social conventions and greater at the attitudes of people, attacking unique sorts such as "pedants, bigots, cranks, parvenus, virtuosi, enthusiasts, rapacious and incompetent expert guys of all kinds."


Satire and irony in a few instances seemed because the simplest supply to recognize a society, the oldest shape of social study. They offer the keenest insights right into a group's collective psyche, screen its innermost values and tastes, and the society's systems of power. Some authors have seen satire as advanced to non-comedian and non-inventive disciplines like records or anthropology. In a distinguished instance from historic Greece, logician Plato, whilst requested via way of means of a chum for a ee-e book to recognize Athenian society, referred him to the performances of Aristophanes. For further information you can visit SpeakoClub and become a marvelous English learner.