What Is Amplification in Writing?-CEFR

A basic statement may be made more interesting and remembered by using amplification.


By doing this, it directs the reader's attention to the crucial information. When you use amplification in your writing, you are simply directing the reader's attention to a certain area of the page.

In creative writing, amplification is typically used to provide the reader a vivid mental picture.

Amplification as rhetorical device

There are three primary persuasion techniques that may be employed in rhetoric, which is language that is intended to convince, enlighten, or inspire an audience. 

These tools include=

  • Logos is an appeal of reason
  • An appeal to values is ethos.
  • Pathos is an emotional appeal.

When making a strong case, all three elements are crucial. Because it plays up the emotions of a scenario, the rhetorical device of amplification is effective in the context of pathos. This is particularly helpful for authors who want to inspire or persuade their audience.