An email to explain an accommodation problem-CEFR

Learn how to write an email to explain a problem with your accommodation.

Are you a CEFR level B1 intermediate English learner? This section provides writing exercises to help you create short, coherent texts about known subjects that you find interesting. Forum posts, reviews, messages, brief articles, and emails are examples of texts.

How to write?
  • Use a neutral language and a polite tone when writing an email to someone you don't know well. 
  • instead of Hi, begin the email with Dear... Kind regards or simply Regards should be used to close. 
  • A three-paragraph email structure is as follows: 
  • why you are posing the issue and what you hope will be the solution 
  • Short and uncomplicated is best. Include only the essential details. 
  • Include precise details in the topic line. Do not merely state problems.


From: Eloisa Marr

To: Sam Matthews

Subject: 32 Acacia Avenue electricity problem

Dear Sam,

We have been experiencing electrical issues at Number 32 Acacia Avenue, therefore I'm writing on behalf of myself and my roommates to express our concerns. 

We have observed that the electricity will cut out if we use many appliances at once while the lights are on at night. This means, for instance, that we are unable to use the dishwasher and the oven simultaneously. For a while, we were cautious, but more recently, we discovered that having multiple machines running at once can result in a power outage, even during the day. Sometimes the electricity goes out for no apparent reason. 

We understand that the last electrician found nothing incorrect, but since the issue is becoming worse, could someone kindly come back? If things were simpler, we can arrange an electrician ourselves and send you the bill.


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