What is a fascination?

Fascination is the state of being greatly interested in or delighted by something. I've had a lifelong fascination with the sea and with small boats. [ + with/of/for] Synonyms: obsession, interest, complex [informal], enthusiasm More Synonyms of fascination.

A fascination is a copywriting strategy for coming up with ideas that pique readers' interest to the point that they feel forced to learn more. It's a standard marketing strategy that you have probably seen in advertising. Let's create a fictional product to demonstrate how fascinations operate:

The Amazing Animal Personality Enhancer!

Use this simple device during any social event and you’re virtually guaranteed to:

  • develop killer dance moves
  • become the most entertaining person in the room

The arguments are convincing even though this "personality booster" seems too good to be true or disturbingly similar to your favorite party drink. Who wouldn't want to become a popular, gorgeous, and amusing dance machine?

The similar strategy can be effective when you want viewers to read your post for longer than fifteen seconds. If it's appropriate for the tone of your essay, start the section off with bulleted promises. 

It's an excellent method for:

  • re-engaging readers in the text they have already read
  • activating a free report download
  • activating a link click
  • Increasing blog subscriptions
  • causing people to buy your stuff
  • new client connection beginning