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At first glance, the rules of English capitalization appear straightforward. You're probably aware that proper nouns and the first word of each sentence should be capitalized. However, you should always capitalize the first word of a quote. There are some exceptions to the rule of not capitalizing after a colon. And what if you're unsure whether something is a proper noun?

Rules and Examples-

  • Capitalize first word of a sentence

              Whenever we start a sentence, we should write the first letter of the first word of the sentence in capital letter.

Ex- 1-This is my first internship.

       2- You should never lie.

  • Capitalize names and other proper nouns

             You should always capitalize the first letter of people’s names.

Ex- 1-My name is Harshit.

       2-You should study the way Ram does.

       3- Just wait until Mom sees this!

       4- My Mom will not allow me to go outside.

  • Don’t capitalize after a colon(usually)

             You should not capitalize a word just after a colon.

Ex- 1-I have one true passion: wombat racing.

       2-There is only one place I want to visit: New York City.

The words following the colon may also form one or more complete sentences, which is an exception.

       1-Maggie wears a brimmed cap at all times for these two reasons: Strong light often gives her a headache. She also likes the way it looks.

  • Capitalize first word of quote

             You should always capitalize the first word of a quote.

Ex- Ram said, “ I bought a new car.”


A sentence or paragraph written entirely in capital letters is extremely difficult to read. Have you ever seen a book written entirely in capital letters? Certainly not! We can't read a lot of text in capital letters. Lawyers, for example, are aware that capital letters are difficult to read, which is why they frequently write contracts in capital letters!