What are the rules for writing a news article?

The most engaging material should be presented at the beginning of a news report.

Due to the broad readerships of newspapers, news pieces are published on a wide range of subjects. Most newspapers will feature multiple sections, ranging from sports and celebrity news to current national and international politics. However, some publications have a narrower readership since they only address one particular subject.

Things to keep in mind

People have a propensity to relate stories in order of events. The tone of news reporting is not chronological. The narrative process is reversed by the inverted pyramid. Imagine an upside-down triangle, with the broad base representing the information that is most noteworthy and the small tip representing the information that is least newsworthy. The most significant or juicy information is placed at the beginning of the tale, and the remaining material is presented in order of decreasing significance. (In newspaper composing rooms, the inverted pyramid provided the dual function of placing the most crucial material at the top and allowing articles that were too long to be edited from the bottom without losing crucial details.)

If it's a report on a meeting, for example, search for the important points made by the keynote speaker, any choices that were made, any attendance records, or any other noteworthy details. It's hardly breaking news to begin by stating that X society conducted its annual conference on X date at X; the lead might have been prepared months in advance. Lead material is described as follows: "something major that occurred" at the X society meeting "when and where." (And speaking of the when and where, it is not required to provide the date when a newsletter is released months after a meeting; just the month or even the season is sufficient.)


Newswriting is generally in the third person. If there is compelling reason to use first or second person, don’t jar readers by abrupt switches of person. You can also download our app from the playstore or visit our website.