How is logos used?

Logos, or the appeal to logic, means to appeal to the audience's sense of reason or logic. To use logos, the author makes clear, logical connections between ideas, and includes the use of facts and statistics.

The majority of individuals can operate an automobile without completely knowing how it works. The process of arguing is similar. The majority of us make daily attempts to convince others without fully understanding how to do it. Being able to construct a compelling argument helps us convince people of our points of view and improve communication.

How to use logos?

To appeal to the audience's sense of reason or logic is to use logos, often known as the appeal to logic. Using facts and figures as well as making obvious, logical links between concepts, the author employs logos. Another tactic is to build a logical argument by using literal and historical comparisons. There should be no logical fallacies, or ambiguous or incorrect assumptions or links between concepts, which are known as holes in the argument.

The usage of logos is not limited to academic writing, such as an argumentative essay; it also occurs in a number of other fields, including business, law, politics, technology, marketing, and news reporting.

Political campaigns may, for instance, use a touching anecdote and a pertinent statistic to appeal to the pathos and logos of their target audiences in order to further their agenda. To support their position, they appeal to the reasoning and feelings of the audience.

In business writing, Logos is frequently used to propose new products based on customer feedback that is utilised as support for the new concept or for industry white papers that show a trend based on previous data. The use of a logos-based argument may also be seen in literature. The reader must be able to understand the characters and stories that writers create. To do this, authors may include background information about a character's past or develop a storyline that directs the narrative arc of the novel.


The rhetorical technique known as logos is employed in both public speech and writing. It uses statistics, figures, facts, and other reliable proof to back up a claim, thesis, or conclusion. These details support the writer's statements and appeal to the audience's sense of logic. You can also download our app from the playstore or visit our website.