Writing prompts and peer editing.

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Definition of writing prompt-

A prompt is a cue given to a person to help them focus on a specific topic, task, or purpose. A prompt can be a text passage, a word, or even an image. Writing prompts are a type of assessment or activity that instructs people to write about a specific topic in a specific way. 

Prompts for writing can take the form of: 
  • A brief text passage 
  • Report Journal entry Poem Original essay 
  • Other styles of writing

Types of writing prompts

Writing prompt assignments can take many forms, but there are many different types of writing. 



Definition of peer editing-

The process of having a peer read and edit a piece of writing, highlighting errors or ways to improve it, is known as peer editing. Misspellings, grammar mistakes, and clarity issues are examples of these errors. 

How to edit

  • You should prepare to edit.
  • Read through the entire piece.
  • Proofread and revise the smaller errors.
  • Edit for the content errors.


Before a piece of writing is complete, it is frequently edited. While editing your own work can be beneficial, it is usually beneficial to have someone else edit your writing. Peer editing allows peers to identify errors and make suggestions for improvements to papers or essays. In this article, we will define peer editing, provide six steps for peer editing, and provide some tips to help you peer edit papers effectively.

Peers can provide edits on a physical paper or via a word processing system.